Outsourcing / Contract Staffing

Licensed by the UAE government we can provide a flexible outsource staffing model to your company. We have access to an unlimited number of visas. CRS can manage all your visa, payroll and security pass requirements.

Direct Hire & Executive Search

We match right people with the right skills to the right job. Our referral and networking capability will help your organization reach out to the perfect candidate for your role. For senior candidates and those passive candidates not in the public domain; where discretion and confidentiality is paramount, we have the specialists to deliver search assignments.

Strategic Consulting

We know how recruitment works and how to make it work better and can offer strategic plans on how to execute and optimize your recruitment processes.

Global Reach

We have assured international delivery capability to channel a world of expertise into the UAE.

International Campaigns

We have the infrastructure and methodologies in place to deliver.

Testing and Verification

In order to make sure they are what they say they are, we deliver comprehensive background checks particularly when managing an overseas recruitment campaign to our clients.


We have Emirati Recruiters and access to an extensive database and personal networks of well qualified and experienced candidates.